Colonial 18th, 19th & 20th Century Coins & Currency

The Theron Rybolt Collection Part I of IV contains everything from fractional gold coinage to the Flowing Hair Cent and every cent, half cent to the Lincoln Memorial. Lots of Morgan Dollars and from New Orleans and Carson City; not just one! What's most impressive about this part of the collection is the vast range of dates of Dollar, Half Dollar, Twenty Five Cent Coins, Twenty Cent Coins, Quarter Dollars, Dimes, Half Dimes, Trimes, Nickels, and Cents. Pre-Colonial 'Coppers', Hard Times Tokens and more, this collection has something every collection needs. Theron Rybolt and his passion for the museum quality of cataloging will be and can be remembered by you!



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Conducted By Aumann Auctions, Inc.

Conducted By Aumann Auctions, Inc.