MarkNet Alliance

MarkNet Alliance Helps Auction Companies Grow and Succeed in the Global Marketplace

MarkNet Alliance is a national membership-based network of auction companies. These companies are successful auction professionals with proven track records and thriving businesses. MarkNet Alliance enables auctioneers to grow their existing businesses through technology, networking and educational training.

With the backing of MarkNet Alliance and its 65 auction companies across the company, local auction professionals are able to harness the strength and experience of the network to be more efficient, to have a broader range of expertise and to serve their clients with a more a complete and well-rounded service than ever before. 

What does this mean for you?

It means that as part of this national alliance, we are more than a local auction house. We are 65 auction companies spread across the country and internationally. We reach buyers all over the world. This means maximum exposure for clients’ auctions, bringing top dollar in a short amount of time.


Sell it quickly

Not only do we offer some of the most innovative ways to take properties to auction, we also offer some of the most efficient. By using proprietary auction management software, we can upload assets and properties on our website to have online bidding open in days as opposed to weeks.


Sell it to everyone

An ad in the local paper isn’t enough. While we do believe in traditional advertising, we also know that online marketing and digital advertising cross-promotes your auction to hundreds of thousands of potential buyers.


When you book your auction with us, your assets are:

  • posted on more than 65 of our auction partner websites

  • viewed by more than 1.2 million visitors per month

  • emailed to more than 200,000 registered online bidders

  • seen by 685,000 registered online bidders in all 50 states and 80 countries

  • listed on,, and others.


Sell it with an expert

Bringing top dollar takes savvy and smarts. Our auctioneers have spent years perfecting their craft and have sold anything and everything.


When you book your auction with us, we tap into a network of auctioneers who:

  • have local offices in more than 70 cities in over 40 states across the country

  • draw from the knowledge of more than 700 staff members dedicated to the auction method

  • conduct more than 6,000 auctions a year and

  • sell over 3,000 pieces of real estate a year

  • have sold more than $1 billion in total assets

  • conduct online auctions as well as live auctions with simulcast bidding online

  • specialize in the sale of assets ranging from equipment to real estate to personal property and much more

  • manage auctions systematically and professionally using proprietary software

  • leverage the Ultimate Choice bidding platform, the only system in the country that allows multi-parcel auctions to be conducted live and online

  • lead the auction industry as past and current office holders in the National Auctioneers Association (NAA). Our auctioneers serve or have served as NAA Board Chairman, NAA President, NAA Vice-President, NAA Education Institute Board Members, National Auctioneers Foundation, as well as many state level leaders and appointments 

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