Bidding with Aumann Auctions

Bidding Process:

  • Create an account
    1. In order to participate in our online auctions, you will first have to create a bidder account.   This will be where you setup your Username, password and personal information that will be attached to your bidder profile.
    2. All personal and credit card information is securely stored on a secure server with transmitted with 128-bit encryption.
    3. Get started with your free bidder account here: Create Account
  • Placing bids
    1. To begin bidding in an online auction you must first register for the auction by accepting the terms of the auction.  The Terms and Conditions are unique to each online auction.  Information such as payment details, shipping information, buyer’s premiums, etc can be found here.
    2. Once the terms and conditions are agreed to, you are now ready to start placing bids.  You have the option to place a minimum bid amount or a maximum bid amount.
      • Minimum Bid – The smallest current bid increment that is being accepted for the item.
      • Maximum Bid – That highest price you are willing to pay for an item.  This option is more “hands-off” and the system will bid for you by increments until it reaches your max bid if someone else were to bid against you.
    3. Once your bid has been placed, you will be notified whether you are the highest bidder or if someone else has placed a bid higher than yours.  If you are the high bidder and if someone places a bid higher than yours before the close of the auction, you will receive notification via email (also if elected, you can also receive a text notification) that you have been outbid.
  • Invoicing and payments
    1. Invoices are sent to the winning bidders the next business day after ending of auction unless stated otherwise.
    2. Invoices will include important information about item pick-up dates and shipping options.
    3. Invoices do not include costs for shipping and hauling.  If you choose to have your items shipped, a separate invoice will be sent regarding shipping fees.
    4. If you wish to use an alternative method of payment that is not the credit card on file, please contact us once you receive your invoice and let us know how you would prefer to pay.
    5. Items will not be processed or shipping until your invoice is paid in full.
  • Shipping info
    1. Once you have completed your payment you will now need to let us know if you would like to have your item(s) shipped.  Shipping is not an option on all auctions.  In some cases, it is just not feasible.  If you have specific questions regarding shipping arrangements, costs and options please contact our shipping department.
    2. Click Here to contact our shipping department.

Frequently Asked Bidding Questions:

Are there fees for bidding on an auction?

There are no charges to bid. Charges are only incurred if you are the winning bidder. Some auctions may be subject to a buyer's premium charge, which will be outlined in the terms & conditions of the auction.

How can I see the status of the items I've placed a bid on?

Click on My Items in the top right of every bidding page. That will bring up a list of the items you've placed bids on. Each item will list the time left in the auction, the current bid, your maximum bid and the status of the auction.

Can I raise my maximum bid (even if no one has outbid me)?

You may increase your maximum bid at any time before the auction has ended. If you decide to increase your bid while you are still the high bidder, the current bid will not increase (you will not be bidding against yourself).

How can I make sure I'm seeing the most up-to-date bids?

Remember to refresh often to be sure the bids on display are the most recent. Either use the refresh button next to each item in the catalog view or use the refresh button in your browser.

Why can't I place a bid?

To place a bid, you must be registered and approved for the auction. See how to register for an auction.

How do I remove a bid?

Once a bid has been placed, there is absolutely no way to cancel it under any circumstances.

What does it mean to "Force a bid"?

"Forced Bid" is a bidding strategy by which a bidder increases the bid by more than the next accepted bid (placing your bid at $150 when the next accepted bid is $125). This practice is used by some bidders to discourage others from bidding in hopes of acquiring an item at a lower price. There are many theories on the effectiveness of this practice and a bidder who wishes to apply it does so at their own discretion. The auction company will not lower the price of an item that has been won by a "forced" bid with no other competing bids.