Selling Info

Success Is Built On A Foundation Of Correct Identification, Promotion And Application Of The Auction Method. 

There are many steps leading to a successful auction. As a company focused on providing professional, seamless service, Aumann Auctions, Inc. knows and understands these methods and delivers consistently successful results. Experience has given Aumann Auctions a proven track record of performance. Aumann Auctions also has extensive product knowledge. This gives us the advantage in marketing the value and uniqueness of your items.

To help you better understand the auction method of marketing, we have provided a brief overview of the entire process from start to finish. Please feel free to contact us for further information or to find out how we can assist you with your asset liquidation needs.

  1. Initial Consultation

The auction process begins when our firm is contacted by a potential seller. An Aumann Auction representative will then contact the interested party and ask a few questions about the property being considered for auction. These questions will help our staff get a feel for the situation and help direct them to the most qualified Auction Manager for a seller’s needs.

We will then explain the auction method, terms, commissions, and current market conditions for your property. Once terms have been established, a contract is drawn and the Aumann Auction marketing, organizational, and logistical teams are set in motion. 

  1. Pre-Auction 

Hundreds of hours of work can go into an auction before the first crack of the gavel is heard. From advertising, cataloging, to addressing the needs of potential buyers, our staff of auction professionals will work diligently to insure a successful auction.

The progress of the auction is reported to the seller throughout the process. Good communication lets you know what to expect on auction day. We also start communicating with our large network of buyers. By not only relying on traditional marketing methods, our database of proven buyers lets us contact them directly! We know the buyers!

  1. Auction Day

Insuring the comfort of our bidders on auction day is a must. Quality refreshments, restroom facilities, quick registration, and check out keep bidders comfortable and ready to bid. A stress-free event is the product of proper planning and attention to details. This should be an exciting and worry free day for both buyer and seller.