Selling Real Estate

The Auction Method Of Selling Real Estate Offers A Faster And More Efficient Way To Liquidate Assets

In today’s busy environment, sellers are not afforded the luxury to wait on lengthy negotiations that are ultimately beyond their control. Sellers need a process where they are in control and can dedicate a selling date that matches their schedule.

The auction method of marketing through Aumann Auctions offers the alternative that today’s busy sellers are searching for. Aumann Auctions creates a marketing strategy tailored specifically for each seller and brings your property to the forefront of an already crowded field of properties for sale. Listing, marketing, promoting, and selling your real estate all within 30 days!

In recent years, selling real estate by utilizing the auction method of marketing has seen tremendous growth. Residential, commercial and industrial real estate auctions have seen estimated gross sales revenue of 27.9 billion dollars in 2005, while land and agricultural real estate auctions garnered an estimated 23.3 billion dollars in gross sales revenue. The auction method becomes more popular each year. Make it a first step, not a last alternative!

If you are interested in liquidating real estate, or simply wish to learn more about the auction method of marketing, do not hesitate to contact Aumann Auctions toll free at 888-282-8648. Let us help you determine if the auction method of marketing is right for you.