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Aumann Auctions, Inc. Stands As The World’s Leader In The Auctioning Of Antique Tractors And We Continually Strive To Improve Our First Class Service

Our antique tractor auctions, featuring tractors from the steam era to the 1970’s, set records in results and attendance. We have conducted such premier auctions as the Gary Parker Collection Auction, the Schaaf Truck and Tractor Museum Auction, the Mel Schrock Estate Auction, John Deere Collectors Center Auction, and the Legendary Jim Erdle Collection Auction to name only a few. Aumann Auctions, Inc. holds annual consignment auctions that offer our outstanding service to smaller antique tractor collections as well. Our online bidding services allow bidders to participate in our auctions in the comfort of their home and reach a global market of antique tractor enthusiasts. Aumann Auctions, Inc. cultivates an international marketing presence and has won numerous awards for the design of materials promoting antique tractor auctions. 

Aumann Auctions, Inc. brings an unrivalled level of service to auctions featuring antique vehicles.

Previous notable auctions include the Krause Antique Transportation Collection Auction, the Sylvester Estate Auction and the Case Automobile Auction to name just a few. Aumann Auctions, Inc.’s antique vehicle auctions have been featured in publications such as Old Cars Weekly. Our advertising and marketing campaigns reach an international audience. Aumann Auction, Inc.’s online bidding system allows our bidders to access our auction at their leisure, empowering bidders to bid when and where they choose. Whether it’s cars, trucks, motorcycles or more, we strive to insure sellers and bidders have the best auction experience. 

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